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Learning Singing is a simple blog where you can find any information that is related to Singing stuffs starting from the beginning until the advance. This blog was made because of the desire of me to share my experience and knowledge about singing. I know that there is a lot of blogs that do the same thing as I did. But, why don't you just try my way? because sometimes not all types of training work for you. You need to choose which one that can be best fitted for you. So, visit this blog to learn something old and new about singing and be a great future singer!

As an information, my name is Rizqi Putra Utama. You can call me Tama. I was graduated from one of the university in the western city of Indonesia, the developing country. I grew up in a city where a Tsunami had ever happened 11 years ago. The city is Banda Aceh and the province of the city is Aceh. In this place, I have experience a lot of things starting from when I was a kid. I started singing since I was a 4 years old child. I used to sing in a solo singer competition and won many of them. However, because of my life situation, my religion, and my family, I decided not to pursue my interest as a singer. I chose to become an English teacher. In order not to loose all those singing memories, I wrote this blog which I can visit anytime whenever someone asks me about singing and when I forget some lessons about it. Besides teaching English, I am teaching Vocal group. So, not pursuing my singing career does not mean not having a singing-related business!.

Visit my blog and share your experience also on my blog. Welcome future singer!

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