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Monday, March 2, 2015

Voice Production

Voice Production - Human voice comes from a vibration of the vocal chords that is resulted by the air movement which comes out from lungs through throat, the place where the vocal chords are located. There are two forms of voice that is produced, those are speaking voice which is produced when we are talking and singing voice which is produced when we are singing.

The prominent characteristic from both voices among others:

1, The speaking voice sounds loud, rude, not resonated, heavy, and spend a lot of breathing.
2. The singing voice sounds subtle, clean, light, resonated, and all breathing that come out from mouth turn into voice.

In order to get a good singing voice, it is required an imagination and drills routinely to develop the quality and the ability of the singer.

The establishment of voice must meet those three elements below:

1. something that is vibrated (vibrator)
2. something that vibrates (motor)
3. something that reflects and raising up the voice (resonator)

In term of an establishment of human voice, the thing that is functioned as vibrator is the vocal chords. Meanwhile breath acts as the motor to trigger the vocal chords.

In order to be heard, the voice needs resonator that has a role as raising and reflecting the voice. In case of the human voice, the resonator is all cavities that are located in our body, those are abdominal, chest, esophagus, nasal, oral, and head cavities.

After having an ability to produce the voice well, it is essential to have an articulator in order that the produced voice can form words or utterance. The words or utterance must sound clearly and correct. Therefore, Articulator is needed to be practice very well.

Human speaking tools that are able to create voices or sounds such as language or utterance are separated into two kinds, those are articulator, articulation point, and other supporting organs.

1, Articulator
Articulator is the human speaking tool that can move freely and able to touch some parts of the other speaking tools (articulation point) as well as able to form various position. This such a speaking tool is placed on the lower part or lower jaw. Human speaking tools that are included in articulator among others:
a. lower lip
b. lower teeth
c. tongue tip
d. front of the tongue
e. tongue middle
f. tongue back
g. the root of the tongue

2. Articulation point
Articulation point is the human speaking tool that is being a center of touch and static. These tools are found on the upper part or upper jaw. The tools that are included on the articulation are as follows:

a, upper lip
b. upper teeth
c. top dental arch
d. hard palate
e. soft palate
f. uvula

3. Other tools
The other tools mean here are the speaking tools apart from the articulator and the articulator point that can support the process of language voice. Those included tools are:

a. Nose
b. nasal cavity
c. oral cavity
d. pharynx
e. Adam's apple valve
f. vocal chords
h. trachea

Alright, those are today's lesson about voice production. Hopefully, by reading this lesson you will be able to produce a very good singing voice so that you will closely be a great future singer. Thank you for visiting!

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