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Monday, March 2, 2015

What is Resonance in Singing?

What is Resonance in Singing? - On the previous post, I have posted about voice production, how to produce a good and effective voice both for singing and speaking. On this post, I would like to continue the explanation toward the Vocal Resonance which is one of the elements of voice production. 

After we master the way of producing great voice, we continue to placing the voice in the correct resonance area. Resonance is an attempt to reflect voice on cavities that is placed in our body. Resonance helps expanding our voice wider, strengthen the endurance of voice, and beautify the voice.

Resonant Cavity

Resonant cavity can be divided into two types:

1. Resonance cavity which the shape cannot be changed, among others:
- Head Cavity
- Chest Cavity
- Forehead Cavity

2. Resonance cavity which the shape can be changed, among others:
- Throat Cavity
- Oral Cavity
- Nasal Cavity

The resonators which the shape can be changed play an important role in producing different timbre and pronounced vowels.
The differences are:
a. Dark voice, as if swallowed and tend to be felt like far away is caused by voice concentration that is more focused on the throat resonator.
b. Light voice, wide and has front focus is caused by voice concentration that is more focused on oral resonator.
c. Nasal voice, which is caused by voice concentration that is more focused on nasal resonator.

Combining the three resonators proportionally is a wise decision when we sing. Because singing by placing only on one resonator can cause boredom. You can watch the example of placing the voice into those kinds of resonators on Youtube or on a video that I will post later on. Have a nice day future singer!

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