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Monday, March 9, 2015

Vocal Range: Sing from low to high!

Vocal Range: Sing from low to high! - Hello future singer! After being busy with my real world activity, I can finally sit on my laptop and write down on my blog sharing all knowledge related to singing or vocal activity. Hopefully, this post and all other posts that I have already posted will be very beneficial for you and you can apply it whenever you do the singing activity either solo or in vocal group or choir. Alright, today I am going to discuss about Vocal Range.

Range or usually called as Ambitus in latin is a tone limit that is possibly achieved starting from the lowest until the highest. It is also called as the limit of tone range.

In classical music knowledge, the types of voice is classified according to the vocal range of the vocalist. Here are some types of human voice including the range or ambitus:

1, Bass                  : male low voice (F-d1)
2. Baritone              : male middle voice (A-f1)
3. Tenor                : male high voice (c0 - a1)
4. Alto                   : female low voice (f0 - d2)
5. Mezzo Soprano : female middle voice (a0-f2)
6. Soprano             : female high voice (c1 - a2)

For kids, the voice is grouped as two parts. The first is the high voice (c1 - f2) and the second is low voice (a0 - d2).

The grouping of voice is very essential when we sing in a group or in a choir. However, it does not become very important if we sing alone or solo. But, by knowing this you can also utilize it to extend your voice range. It is really helpful for you because you can sing any song which has longer range tone without forcing your vocal chord too hard. Practice and the right technique are the key to reach it. Work hard future singer!

Well future singer, this is one of the videos that can be as your reference for practicing to extend your vocal range. Try to follow it step by step and relate it with the knowledge that I have posted. I hope that you will find what you need here. Thank you for visiting future singer!

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