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Friday, February 20, 2015

Singing Basic Principles

Singing Basic Principles - Yesterday, I already posted some tips and strategy before doing a singing performance. Today, I would like to share you the singing knowledge starting from the very basic. This knowledge is essential because it will help you understanding any development of music. As a future singer, you must be an educated person in singing. So, here we go!

1. Vocal Definition

According to music encyclopedia, vocal is known as a human sound. Whereas in a language, Vocal is used to utter the voiced alphabet. Based on its understanding, vocal can be thought as a sound which human produces for voicing the language sound. The art that studies about vocal is vocal art or singing art.

2. Vocal Music

The beauty of voice or sound that can be listened and consists of some elements like melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre are called music. Based on the source music is divided into 2 categories, those are music which is produced by the musical instrument and the music which is produced by the human voice.

vocal music is usually called as "Singing". Singing can be done individually (solo) or as a group (samen zigen). For those who want to be a singer, either amateur or professional, is not enough to just only have a good voice but also understand the knowledge of the music theory.

Besides mastering the vocal technique very well, in accordance that the song that is being sung sounds melodious and beautiful, a singer must possess some other important elements in singing such as tempo, rhythm, bar, pitch, dynamic, vibrato, improvisation, expression, inspiration, performance and so on.

By considering these principles, as a future singer you will be easier to achieve what you want in singing. You can also manage the balance between your vocal quality with your singing style or music genre. So, do not only do singing, but also study it! 

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