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Friday, February 27, 2015

Warming Up Part 2

Warming Up Part 2 - In previous post, I have posted about an easy way to do warming up before doing a singing activity. Today, I would like to tell you all future singer deeper about the warming up lesson.

As we know, warming up is a singing preparation before doing the main singing activity. Just like sport game, warming up is very needed before singing in order that you will not get injured. in singing, there are two types of warming up:

1. Physical Warming Up
2. Voice Warming Up

1. Physical Warming Up

Physical Warming Up aims to make the body more relax and ready to sing. It can be done by loosing and relaxing all muscles starting from upper part of the body like head to lower part of the body or feet.

2. Voice Warming Up

Voice Warming Up is very recommended to be done before singing, let alone if you are going to sing in a very long time. In spite of preventing the damage, voice warming up is also beneficial for the relaxed and strong vocal chord so that it will not be tired easily and avoided from injury. As what I have said before, basic warming up can be done like this:

1. Humming
Humming is one of voice warming up that can be done before singing with the aim of warming the throat before singing.

2. Lip Trill
Lip Trill is really helpful for a singer to increase the endurance of the vocal chord and to avoid the injury. On the other hands, it will also help the management of breathing and the tone range without having to force the voice.

Alright, those are the further explanation about warming up. For the example, you can watch the video by clicking the Vocal Lesson Video in the navigation menu. Let's do some practice future singer!

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