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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

One of the most important part in Singing: Voice Register

One of the most important part in Singing: Voice Register - Voice Register or usually called as the area of voice is divided into 5 types. Every types has different tone range.

1. Chest Register (Chest Voice)
It is named as chest register because it uses more chest resonance when producing voice. This register is used when reaching lower tones. For male, it is usually below c0, and for female it is usually below c1.

2. Mix Register (Mix Voice)
This register can also be called as middle register or middle voice. Because it produces a middle tone voice. For male, the tone that is produced approximately between c0 - c1, whereas for female, the produced tone is between c1 to c2.

3. Head Register (Head Voice)
For this kind of voice register, the chest resonance is replaced with the head resonance. Maybe the vibration that we feel on our head is not stronger than the vibration when we use chest resonance. However, we can feel our head looks like producing sounds when we reach high notes in this kind of register.

4. Sub Register (Vocal Fry)
This register is placed below the lower tone and it is usually called as "Growl" register or growled voice.

5. Flute Register
For male this kind of voice is called as high voice falsetto. Whilst for female it is called as flute voice or "Flageolet". Flute register is placed around the tones above c2 for male and above c3 for female.

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