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Saturday, March 14, 2015

What you should notice in Singing "Articulation"

What you should notice in Singing "Articulation" - Hello future singer. I am so happy to be back again here to share you some thoughts about singing stuffs. Today, I would like to tell you about "Articulation" because it is one of the things that needed to be considered in doing singing performance.

Singing is "speaking" through rhyme with notation, melody, rhythm, and bars, which inside is contained of message, story, pledge, and etc that is delivered to the audience or the listener. In order that all of them that are being delivered can be listened and understood very well, it is essential to possess good, proper, and clear articulation.

Generally, articulation is known as a form of word pronunciation, parts of words or sentences with a correct manner, clear, and precise. The form of mouth gesture when singing really affects on the result of the pronunciation. The most common mistakes that is usually happened are that they cannot open their mouth properly, therefore the word that is uttered sounds unclear. The reason is that they feel shy or inferior to be laughed at when they open their mouth too wide. Whereas in singing, we are not required to think about how our face or mouth will be formed, as long as we sing the song properly and not artificial, that is ok!

Here are some other causes why articulation is being not correct or unclear:

a. Natural Articulation Defective, this is usually experienced by stammerer or some people who are unable to pronounce one of the consonants, for example the letter "r".
b. Bad Articulation, this is not caused by the defective articulation, but it is happened whenever we do wrong said. Somehow the less preparation is also caused this to be happened.
For instance:
- the word "stone" is read as "stoon"
- "heart" is read as "hurt"
c. Indeterminate Articulation, this is happened because the pronunciation of words are too fast as if the words seem like huddled without any distance at all.

For the next post, I will continue about the types of articulation in singing. Please beware that you read this post properly and connect it to your problem. If you think that you have a problem in uttering the correct articulation, try to find the type of the causes and use the solution above. For the further explanation, there will be more on the types of the singing articulation itself. Thank you for reading!

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