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Monday, March 9, 2015

What is Tone in Singing?

What is Tone in Singing? - Hello future singer! Now I am back with talking about tone. I expect that at the end of this lesson you can understand and master correctly about the basic principles of intonation in singing.


Tone is a systematic sound or voice which the per second vibration frequency has been determined. The tone that is played and sung on the right frequency is called as Pitch. If the tone is more likely lower or higher than the pitch, then it is named as out of tone. Many famous singers who is being a judge in some competitions called this as pitchy. 

There are four elements that must be owned by tone:

1. Pitch, the tone frequency accuracy.
2. Duration, the length of the tone to be played or sung.
3. Intensity, the strong and soft of the tone to be played or sung.
4. Timbre, the voice color

Tone Phases

When singing, the tone that is being sung must go through 3 phases in order that it will produce good musical tone. Those three phases are:

1. Attacking phase (the phase of starting up the tone)
2. Sustention phase (the phase of holding up the tone)
3. Release phase (the phase of realising up the tone)

Those three phases have a very important role in singing process. Starting the tone properly will pave the way to the sustention phase and the release phase. Holding the tone right on the stabilize track as long as its need will make the singing to become more interesting to be heard. Similarly with the release phase of the tone, if it is done properly so the listener will be impressed.

The last phase of tone has a very short duration and must be done pretty well on the right track. It cannot be neglected or lower or faster. In fact, a tone must be ended nor by disappearing neither because of being exhausted.

Breathing that is used to lengthen the tone must be continued until the release phase has been done. Do not let the breath push becomes slacken before the singing activity is finished, because if it is happened, it will affect the quality of the tone that is produced.

Later on, I will continue with Intonation. Please read this post carefully before you are going to read the next post. Because both of them are really related on each other. Have a nice day future singer!

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