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Friday, February 27, 2015

Warming Up Part 2

Warming Up Part 2 - In previous post, I have posted about an easy way to do warming up before doing a singing activity. Today, I would like to tell you all future singer deeper about the warming up lesson.

As we know, warming up is a singing preparation before doing the main singing activity. Just like sport game, warming up is very needed before singing in order that you will not get injured. in singing, there are two types of warming up:

1. Physical Warming Up
2. Voice Warming Up

1. Physical Warming Up

Physical Warming Up aims to make the body more relax and ready to sing. It can be done by loosing and relaxing all muscles starting from upper part of the body like head to lower part of the body or feet.

2. Voice Warming Up

Voice Warming Up is very recommended to be done before singing, let alone if you are going to sing in a very long time. In spite of preventing the damage, voice warming up is also beneficial for the relaxed and strong vocal chord so that it will not be tired easily and avoided from injury. As what I have said before, basic warming up can be done like this:

1. Humming
Humming is one of voice warming up that can be done before singing with the aim of warming the throat before singing.

2. Lip Trill
Lip Trill is really helpful for a singer to increase the endurance of the vocal chord and to avoid the injury. On the other hands, it will also help the management of breathing and the tone range without having to force the voice.

Alright, those are the further explanation about warming up. For the example, you can watch the video by clicking the Vocal Lesson Video in the navigation menu. Let's do some practice future singer!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Posture and Breathing

Posture and Breathing - Hi future singer! How are your singing today? Is it improved? Don't worry. It needs a process. What you have to always do is that focus and training. There is no way to be successful without working hard. Every successful people always says the same. So, here are some explanation about posture and breathing in order that you can understand more about singing ability. 

1. Posture

Posture is really needed to be learnt in order to support, protect, and give good body position which can make you more comfortable in singing. By having this understanding, it is expected to be able to decrease the tension and fatigue that are experienced when singing.

Posture must be so relaxed and powerful. Place your chest in upright position. This is very important because it will make the septum between chest and stomach is opened so that it will not interfere the breathing. So, keep your chest upright because it is the best position for singing either you sit or you stand.

2. Breathing

Both posture and breathing are very related. Great posture supports the breathing. In singing, breathing does not only hold a very great role in producing voice, but also help you in creating the variety of voice mode(will be explained more later on) that is expected from one singing activity. Systematic breathing will create systematic rhythm either. Because breathing is a very natural rhythm in human living.

In vocal technique, there are 3 types of breathing:

1. Shoulders Breathing
This breathing is done by lifting our shoulders or upper chest and hold the breath on your lungs. Shoulders Breathing is not very good to be used in singing because the voice will sound clumsy because the voice tools around chest are oppressed.

2. Abdominal Breathing
Abdominal breathing is done by filling the air inside the abdominal cavity, so that the stomach looks like bloated. This way is also not enough suitable for singing because it will easily make you become exhausted and the voice that is produced sounds less powerful. Besides, the posture looks unpleasant to see.

3. Diaphragmatic Breathing
Diaphragm is a muscle which is placed between the chest and the abdominal cavity. Diaphragmatic breathing occurs when expanding the diaphragmatic muscle during inhale and filling the air to the lower lungs first. This breathing is very effective to be used in singing because it is easy to manage the breathing process and also support a powerful and stabilized voice.

Normally, people breathes in an abdominal or shoulder way. However, singing is different from daily speaking. It requires an intense activity. So, do not lower down your voice quality by having a wrong posture and breathing way in singing. Please consider this lesson in doing your singing job. You want to be a future singer right? consider this very much okay.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vocal Technique

Vocal Technique - Basically, vocal technique can be thought as how to produce voices properly and nicely, so that it will sound clear, beautiful, loud, and not damaging. In having a great vocal technique, there are some elements that are needed to be considered.

Vocal Technique Elements

1. Posture
Your body position either sitting or standing affects your singing performance. Therefore, try to have a good posture when singing in order not to disturb the respiratory tract. 

2. Respiration
Respiration is a process of inhale-exhale of the air inside your body. It aims to support the needs of voice production. When doing this for singing, it is suggested that you do it using your diaphragm muscle, not chest muscle. 

3. Voice production
Voice production is produced from a process of vibrating the vocal chord using the air which pass through inside our mouth.

4. Articulation
Articulation is a pronunciation from words to words in order to be listened very clearly.

5. Phrasering
Phrasering is a set of beheading sentence correctly and properly, so that it is easy to be understood and suitable with the rule of the song provided.

6. Resonance 
Resonance is an effort to enhance the beauty of voice with functioning the air cavities inside our body.

7. Intonation
Intonation, besides judged as a high and low of a tone, it is also meant as a correct stress for some pronounced words in order to strengthen the meaning of the sentence that being uttered. Usually, it is also called as dynamic.

Besides for singing, learning singing or vocal technique is also beneficial for other entertainment job such as announcer, presenter, master of ceremony, movie actor/actress, and public speakers. So, for those who wants to be a future singer. Consider those elements above okay!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Singing Basic Principles

Singing Basic Principles - Yesterday, I already posted some tips and strategy before doing a singing performance. Today, I would like to share you the singing knowledge starting from the very basic. This knowledge is essential because it will help you understanding any development of music. As a future singer, you must be an educated person in singing. So, here we go!

1. Vocal Definition

According to music encyclopedia, vocal is known as a human sound. Whereas in a language, Vocal is used to utter the voiced alphabet. Based on its understanding, vocal can be thought as a sound which human produces for voicing the language sound. The art that studies about vocal is vocal art or singing art.

2. Vocal Music

The beauty of voice or sound that can be listened and consists of some elements like melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre are called music. Based on the source music is divided into 2 categories, those are music which is produced by the musical instrument and the music which is produced by the human voice.

vocal music is usually called as "Singing". Singing can be done individually (solo) or as a group (samen zigen). For those who want to be a singer, either amateur or professional, is not enough to just only have a good voice but also understand the knowledge of the music theory.

Besides mastering the vocal technique very well, in accordance that the song that is being sung sounds melodious and beautiful, a singer must possess some other important elements in singing such as tempo, rhythm, bar, pitch, dynamic, vibrato, improvisation, expression, inspiration, performance and so on.

By considering these principles, as a future singer you will be easier to achieve what you want in singing. You can also manage the balance between your vocal quality with your singing style or music genre. So, do not only do singing, but also study it! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Easy Singing Warming Up

Easy Singing Warming Up - Hello future singer! Good to see you again!. This time, I would like to share you an easy way to warm up yourself before singing. Actually, it is better if I show you the video so you can watch directly the exact way of doing the warm up exercise. But, because of the limited time that I have, I cannot give it today. Don't worry, I will show it to you later on! 

So, here are the steps of the easy vocal warming up:

1. Humming

The first step of the easy warm up is called "humming. In this step, you will do singing and playing some tones without opening your mouth. You can start it buy doing the vocalization like "do, re, mi, fa, so, la, si, do" and raise up the pitch one key to another key. This is really helpful because it will flex your vocal chord. So that you will be easy to sing a high notes as well as the lower note. if you are a vocalist with a thick timbre, you should practice more on the lower tone. But, if you are a high notes singer, you should practice the high notes more. However, practicing humming for the lower notes and high notes is also important for those who are going to sing a wide vocal range kind of song. Thus, it will not making your vocal chord becoming surprised when reaching either the high notes or the lower notes.

2. Vocalizing

After finishing doing the hum, the next thing to do is the same tone as in the humming process but with an open up mouth. You will sing with a normal mouth situation. However, please remember that do not try to sing the song that you are going to sing at this step, because your warm up process is not finish yet. If you do it, you will feel unsatisfied with your voice. So, it is better for you to do vocalizing first with the tone "do" until "do" again and higher the pitch so that your vocal chord and your muscle become ready to sing some other notes.

3. Exercise

For this last step, what you will do is that you are trying to make some sounds but with some variety of tones. Nevertheless, you have to sing a bar of tones repeatedly so that you will get used to the kind of tone bar. If you want an example, you will find a lot on Youtube. I will also show you later on here on this blog. So, don't worry! Just try to do these steps I show you and I guarantee that you will feel better with your voice.

Please remember that when doing a warm up, do not ever strain your voice. Because it will both damage and loose your vocal chord. Try to be relax in doing it! I wait your comment to see if these steps work for you or not. See you on my other posts future singer!
Here on this easy singing warming up video, you can take a look on how to do a very good vocal warming up in order to open up your voice so that you can sing any songs easily. You can also visit the official website of udemy in order to have this kind of course.

What You Need to Prepare before Singing

What You Need to Prepare before Singing - Some people thought that singing is a usual activity that can be done anytime. They can sing either in their bathroom or anywhere. Nevertheless, that is the thing that most people are failed of when they try to be a real singer who sings in a competition or in an event. They thought that singing only requires practicing the song that are going to be sung without considering these three terms below. 

1. Warming Up

Singing activity is just like sport. It requires practice or training before the real action takes place. Most people disobey this which makes them having so much failure in doing the singing stuff. So, for those who already know this, I suggest you to keep doing this whenever you are going to sing. Otherwise, you will not give a good performance.

2. Stretching

As I said, Singing is just like sport. Besides requiring to practice your vocal chords, it is also needed to do stretching to your body. Why is this important? because when you are doing a singing activity on stage, your body needs to be relax and flexible. So it will help you producing a good output of your voice. For a vocalist of a band, it is one of the most important to do. Because you will do a lot of move in order to have a nice stage performance.

3. Lyrics, and Confidence

Guess what? you will feel so weird when I relate lyrics and confidence. What do I put this as one of the thing that is needed to be prepared before singing? it is because sometimes when you do not remember very well of the lyrics of the songs that you want to sing, it will decrease your confidence. Of course, this situation will endanger your performance. So, I suggest you to prepare it very well and put yourself in the enjoyable rate. 

Those are the things that you need to prepare before singing. Remember, practice makes perfect and good preparation leads to perfection!

Welcome Future Singer!

Hello future singer! I will call you with this nick name starting from today. It has been a very long time that I have an idea to write down any knowledge and ability that I have about singing and how to learn to sing. I really want to share this to all of you who lives around this globe. However, because of my study and my job as a singer as well as a vocal teacher, I do not have enough time to write down on blog. But since today, I will spend a lot of time to share you everything related to singing or vocal lesson and training.

With this blog, I intend to make you becoming easier to learn how to sing very well. Because I found there were a lot of people having some difficulties in learning this kind of art. Some of them already had a lot of  singing course but still unable to sing pretty well. They pay so much money for the course but result zero. Hopefully, with my idea and my way of singing, it will help you a lot and make you become a great singer in the future. Feel free to visit this website at any time because you do not need to pay any money for this knowledge I share. Feel free to give a comment on my post and do not forget to share your thought. Welcome future singer!
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