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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Easy Singing Warming Up

Easy Singing Warming Up - Hello future singer! Good to see you again!. This time, I would like to share you an easy way to warm up yourself before singing. Actually, it is better if I show you the video so you can watch directly the exact way of doing the warm up exercise. But, because of the limited time that I have, I cannot give it today. Don't worry, I will show it to you later on! 

So, here are the steps of the easy vocal warming up:

1. Humming

The first step of the easy warm up is called "humming. In this step, you will do singing and playing some tones without opening your mouth. You can start it buy doing the vocalization like "do, re, mi, fa, so, la, si, do" and raise up the pitch one key to another key. This is really helpful because it will flex your vocal chord. So that you will be easy to sing a high notes as well as the lower note. if you are a vocalist with a thick timbre, you should practice more on the lower tone. But, if you are a high notes singer, you should practice the high notes more. However, practicing humming for the lower notes and high notes is also important for those who are going to sing a wide vocal range kind of song. Thus, it will not making your vocal chord becoming surprised when reaching either the high notes or the lower notes.

2. Vocalizing

After finishing doing the hum, the next thing to do is the same tone as in the humming process but with an open up mouth. You will sing with a normal mouth situation. However, please remember that do not try to sing the song that you are going to sing at this step, because your warm up process is not finish yet. If you do it, you will feel unsatisfied with your voice. So, it is better for you to do vocalizing first with the tone "do" until "do" again and higher the pitch so that your vocal chord and your muscle become ready to sing some other notes.

3. Exercise

For this last step, what you will do is that you are trying to make some sounds but with some variety of tones. Nevertheless, you have to sing a bar of tones repeatedly so that you will get used to the kind of tone bar. If you want an example, you will find a lot on Youtube. I will also show you later on here on this blog. So, don't worry! Just try to do these steps I show you and I guarantee that you will feel better with your voice.

Please remember that when doing a warm up, do not ever strain your voice. Because it will both damage and loose your vocal chord. Try to be relax in doing it! I wait your comment to see if these steps work for you or not. See you on my other posts future singer!
Here on this easy singing warming up video, you can take a look on how to do a very good vocal warming up in order to open up your voice so that you can sing any songs easily. You can also visit the official website of udemy in order to have this kind of course.

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