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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vocal Technique

Vocal Technique - Basically, vocal technique can be thought as how to produce voices properly and nicely, so that it will sound clear, beautiful, loud, and not damaging. In having a great vocal technique, there are some elements that are needed to be considered.

Vocal Technique Elements

1. Posture
Your body position either sitting or standing affects your singing performance. Therefore, try to have a good posture when singing in order not to disturb the respiratory tract. 

2. Respiration
Respiration is a process of inhale-exhale of the air inside your body. It aims to support the needs of voice production. When doing this for singing, it is suggested that you do it using your diaphragm muscle, not chest muscle. 

3. Voice production
Voice production is produced from a process of vibrating the vocal chord using the air which pass through inside our mouth.

4. Articulation
Articulation is a pronunciation from words to words in order to be listened very clearly.

5. Phrasering
Phrasering is a set of beheading sentence correctly and properly, so that it is easy to be understood and suitable with the rule of the song provided.

6. Resonance 
Resonance is an effort to enhance the beauty of voice with functioning the air cavities inside our body.

7. Intonation
Intonation, besides judged as a high and low of a tone, it is also meant as a correct stress for some pronounced words in order to strengthen the meaning of the sentence that being uttered. Usually, it is also called as dynamic.

Besides for singing, learning singing or vocal technique is also beneficial for other entertainment job such as announcer, presenter, master of ceremony, movie actor/actress, and public speakers. So, for those who wants to be a future singer. Consider those elements above okay!

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