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Thursday, February 19, 2015

What You Need to Prepare before Singing

What You Need to Prepare before Singing - Some people thought that singing is a usual activity that can be done anytime. They can sing either in their bathroom or anywhere. Nevertheless, that is the thing that most people are failed of when they try to be a real singer who sings in a competition or in an event. They thought that singing only requires practicing the song that are going to be sung without considering these three terms below. 

1. Warming Up

Singing activity is just like sport. It requires practice or training before the real action takes place. Most people disobey this which makes them having so much failure in doing the singing stuff. So, for those who already know this, I suggest you to keep doing this whenever you are going to sing. Otherwise, you will not give a good performance.

2. Stretching

As I said, Singing is just like sport. Besides requiring to practice your vocal chords, it is also needed to do stretching to your body. Why is this important? because when you are doing a singing activity on stage, your body needs to be relax and flexible. So it will help you producing a good output of your voice. For a vocalist of a band, it is one of the most important to do. Because you will do a lot of move in order to have a nice stage performance.

3. Lyrics, and Confidence

Guess what? you will feel so weird when I relate lyrics and confidence. What do I put this as one of the thing that is needed to be prepared before singing? it is because sometimes when you do not remember very well of the lyrics of the songs that you want to sing, it will decrease your confidence. Of course, this situation will endanger your performance. So, I suggest you to prepare it very well and put yourself in the enjoyable rate. 

Those are the things that you need to prepare before singing. Remember, practice makes perfect and good preparation leads to perfection!

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